Stay away from “too” series — Post #1.

One of my favorite remarks when closing a speech revolves around the concept of “too.” I recommend hotel marketers stay away from the adverb, and decided to craft a few posts around the idea.

The first is “too little.”

Very often I’ve had a client who wanted to place ads in traditional and non-traditional media, and have found myself explaining the concept of “frequency,” because they simply didn’t possess the dollars necessary to achieve the desired result.

Frequency is the average number of times an individual within your target audience is exposed to one of your media vehicles in a given period of time—typically a week or a month. The old rule of thumb is six exposures, in relation to media, and two to three for direct marketing. According to many marketing gurus however, today you may need as many as ten to twelve combined exposures in order to achieve effective frequency.

Bottom line, each element in your marketing mix must have enough repetition to build retention in the mind of the target market. You have to be repetitive [like a rhino], and make the same single point over and over—powerfully! Otherwise it’s better to save your monies for an alternative solution.

What do you think?

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