Stay away from “too” series — Post #2.

One of my favorite remarks when closing a speech revolves around the concept of “too.” I recommend hotel marketers stay away from the adverb, and decided to craft a few posts around the idea. Here is post number two.

“Too late” is certainly one of the more frustrating. I’m sure you’ve experienced this one a few times yourself. The phone rings. It’s the general manager. “Next month looks terrible,” he says, “get some ads going in the paper, on the radio, or send an e-blast out to our past guests. We’ve got to get on this now!” Sound familiar?

Truth is, you’re better off to suck it up and just say “no.” There is no such thing as instant gratification in the world of marketing.

Ads that cause people to react immediately, cause them to forget immediately.

Quick fixes simply do not work and can be very expensive—last minute generally equates to rush charges, book rates, and generally frustrate all in involved—with very little results in the end.

Have you experienced a similar call from your general manager? Or maybe you’ve had a last minute initiative that totally rocked. Either way, I’d love to have you share it here.

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