Not just a river in Egypt

September 2nd, 2012 by John Fareed

It’s as close to a religious experience as I get. On any given Sunday, you’ll find me—no matter where I am in the world—in a Starbuck’s or the like, drinking a quad-espresso and reading the Sunday newspaper. Lately, I can’t help but notice that my paper continues to get thinner, and as I look around the coffee shop, I see fewer and fewer people with ink on their fingers. Instead I see most everyone staring down at their smart phones and tablets, usually with their ear buds firmly implanted.

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It’s time to go all in!

August 24th, 2012 by John Fareed

We’re all aware that the dramatic, and oftentimes frustrating, evolution of technology has fundamentally changed the way traveling consumers approach booking decisions. Thanks to the Internet and mobile technology—smart phones, pads and laptops—travelers can shop, compare and purchase at anytime, from anywhere.

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Stop trippin’—Take control of your TripAdvisor page

July 19th, 2012 by John Fareed

Technology and social media have dissolved the parameters that once neatly defined hospitality marketing, turned consumers into creators, and empowered a whole new breed of travel reviewers. Love it or hate it, most of these travel reviewers are sharing the good, bad and ugly of their experiences on TripAdvisor—including photos and videos.

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The more, the merrier?

July 5th, 2012 by John Fareed

Not necessarily. Sometimes less is more. Psychologists say too much choice doesn’t free us, but numbs us. We cope by opting out, and begin to make purchase decisions based solely on price. With the addition of every new brand, we add to the confusion and commoditization of the hotel industry, making marketing efforts all the more difficult. The luxury segment is fast becoming a textbook example of over branding, in terms of declining brand loyalty and the premium consumers are willing to pay.

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