Hyatt Palm Springs creates wow experience.

As most everyone knows, I spend the majority of life cruising 500mph at 35,000 feet. This week I pulled the November issue of Delta’s Sky magazine out of the pocket in front of me and found the Editor’s Pick titled Hyatt’s Cookie Cart.

The article read; “Craving a sweet treat after a long day of travel? Look no further than a new kind of room service: the afternoon cookie cart. Complimentary cookies in hotel lobbies always provide a delicious welcome, but the Hyatt Palm Springs is going above and beyond—directly to guests’ rooms. Delivered by management each afternoon, the cookies are completely free and unlimited. The “Wow Carts” also offer fruit and water for those hungry for a healthier snack.”

I thought to myself; “Wow is right!” It’s a simple idea. One that has the potential of creating the elusive and memorial “wow” moment for guests, while really setting the hotel apart—even from other Hyatt hotels.

Being the curious researcher that I am, shortly after landing I called the Hyatt Palm Springs to see how guests are reacting to the cart. The first thing I learned was that they opted for the “wow cart” name because that’s what most people say when they’re told it’s free. Duh! The cart visits every room on the property each afternoon starting around 4pm, and depending on how many people are in the hotel (and in their rooms), it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours to make the full round. It is normally staffed by members of the management team, allowing them to get to know more about their guests, and ask the most important question; “How is your stay going?”

This is another great marketing idea that elevates the guest experience, separates the hotel from the competition, allows the management team to learn more about their guests, and has garnered national and regional public relations.


A fresh idea, executed beautifully. This is the very essence of hospitality marketing—Identifying consumer trends, and crafting programs that meet or exceed guest expectations while providing a tangible opportunity to differentiate the organization, hotel or resort from the competition.

What consumer trends have you and your organization identified, and what programs have you introduced to take full advantage of the opportunity? I’d love to hear from you. Please share some of your wow ideas.

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